When Money Is Everything

The Christian Science Monitor included the Parthenon on the “top 10 things that Greece can sell to pay off its debt.” And so we have a major American newspaper resorting to inane comedy in reporting an important story, either because its editors can do no better, or because they lack all respect for the intelligence of the paper’s readers. But aside from being a symptom of the sorry state of American journalism, this “top 10” feature also  comes at the expense of people who are suffering as they lose their jobs, take pay cuts, and lose their benefits. Indeed, the feature accompanies an article in which we learn of the plight of Kleanthis Tratras, who was laid off after a 30-year career at Olympic Airways, the Greek airline. His story is not much different from those of the millions of downsized, outsourced and unemployed Americans. Shall we laugh about that too?


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