Fascists and the Greek Police

Watch a video by InfoWar Productions about the insidious connections between the Greek police and the fascists of Golden Dawn. And check out the other videos, radio shows, and reportage on http://infowarproductions.com/. InfoWar, along with the magazines, HOTDOC and UNFOLLOW, are doing hard hitting, investigative, high-quality reporting, which has been rare in Greece. Both the government and the plutocracy have noticed. Kostas Vaxevanis, the editor of HOTDOC,was briefly detained for publishing a list of purported tax evaders. In a separate incident, Eleftherios Charalampopoulos, a journalist of UNFOLLOW received death threats for implicating a Greek tycoon in the contraband trade of oil in Greece. In the Greek morass, this type of journalism tells me that there is still hope for democracy and justice in the country.